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Why should you do penetration test ?

Penetration testing exposes how an attacker would discover, exploit and chain vulnerabilities across multiple systems within an organization and explores the catastrophic effects of a real-world attack that successfully capitalizes on linking those vulnerabilities. Without the knowledge a penetration test provides, an organization cannot fully realize the risk posed to their systems and data. While each type of test (e.g., external pen test, internal pen test, application security testing, or wireless testing, etc.) varies regarding the depth and strength of each security layer evaluated, CDT always remains true to the ethical hacking principles across this spectrum of activities and provides a detailed step-by-step methodology with full mitigations and future threat forecasting models to protect the systems. These same skills can be applied in a reverse engineering capacity to perform digital forensics and incident response. Our Security Testing & Exploitation services can be contracted individually or collectively to support your mission requirements

Static Penetration Test

Using advanced tools

Static and Dynamic Penetration test

We do it manually with experience and advanced tools

Penetration Test with Our Partners

we do scanning we our external partners

We work for you to get your business requirements

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